"...A must-read for elementary age children and a great resource for primary-intermediate teachers!"  - Ramin Sherkat

"Little Spring communicates an important environmental message to children in an accessible and engaging read. This is exactly the kind of thing that every child needs to be read, so that they grow up with a better understanding of the impacts of their choices on the health of the planet." 


John Reid-Hresko PhD.

Professor, Social Science Division

Quest University Canada

"JF's vivacious personality and love of our natural world shines brightly in his first book. a pleasure to read, for children and adults alike while offering an important message."


Kinley Aitlen

Mother and Rock Guide 

 "JF's characters create an entertaining and engaging story that conveys an important environmental message. 
Children will enjoy following Little Spring on his journey."

Pamela Bourdon

Elementary Teacher,

Squamish BC

Bottle PNG .png

"The book is great!  I love how it helps put sustainability in perspective for a kid.  We compost, recycle and pick up trash around the neighborhood, but it's hard to articulate to my kids "why" we do these things and put it in the grand scheme.  The book is great, and I would like to gift it to others as well!"


Elisabeth Lentz

Embodied Coaching and Therapy

"I'm totally stoked to be working on a book with such an important message.  The world needs more Little Spring!"

Lorne Craig


"Little Spring - The Epic Journey of One Plastic Water Bottle by Jean-Francois Plouffe is an engaging story that captivates students and presents the the problems of single use plastics.


After reading Little Spring my students were compelled to make a difference.  A long term class project around the 5 R’s of Plastic Reduction (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rally Others) was inspired. Little Spring presents a strong case for behavioral changes that protect our environment."

Jack Fieldhouse
Grade 1-2 Teacher

"M. Plouffe’s book sets you in an adventure where you empathize with the problem itself; plastic bottles. Pairing science with story, characters with behaviour change, Little Spring educates with hope and compassion."

Jeremy Blumel

Primary Teacher

Father and Rock Guide

"CONGRATULATIONS! You address the issues in a fun, yet meaningful way.  Very impressed!"

Damien Etchaubard

Helly Hansen

"I loved this book! Especially the illustrations and the way you showed the ways to use a plastic bottle when it is empty. I also liked the little spring action section and how you showed the damage that a plastic bottle can do.

My favourite illustration was the one with all the water bottles that are in the water."

Taya Albertson

9 years old