IT ALL began with

trash on a glacier



My name is J.F. Plouffe - adventure guide, husband and father of two wonderful kids. I'm proud to live in the paradise of Squamish, BC, in Canada. On a recent expedition at over 2000 meters, I  found a discarded plastic water bottle on a glacier. I'd seen many of these floating in the ocean, but I couldn't believe my eyes... on a Glacier?! I started to think about how much plastic waste there is in the world. That's where, step by step, deep in the noise of my thoughts, the story of Little Spring began.


I worked with educators, friends, editors and my own kids to develop a short story that can speak to children of all ages. I collaborated with long-time friend and illustrator, Lorne Craig, to create a  character with empathy and humour.  Now, the vision has come to life, and Little Spring is ready for his biggest adventure yet - making positive environmental change happen, one reader at a time. 

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